Suffice it to say that with flash mobs, nunchucks, safari gear, grease, and the room-wide stomp/hand clap of "We Will Rock You", our finale of Lip Sync Battle was indeed larger than life.  In a close finish, the audience meter declared for organizers that TEAM ROCKS! had won the game.  Here are the first of the finale videos.  Enjoy and again, thank you!


In our approach to the finale on August 31st, Christy Allen & Jon Huntington alternated taking the stage, bringing out their best Tina Turner, Jeff Lynne, Kriss Kross, Garth Brooks, Bruno Mars, & TobyMac impressions.  With United Way reps in the audience, we raised the stakes for our final week!  Because of limited upload limits, these videos will be added as allowed through Vimeo!

W E E K   F O U R:

Week 4 of Lip Sync Battle can only be described with few words:  GIRL POWER AND MULTIPLE MATTS!  Your enthusiasm and generosity were quickly on display as the performers mingled with their adoring fans, collecting donations to help them hopefully earn a spot in our August 31st finale!

After our meet and greet and selfies with the stars, the performers took to the stage.

First up were Dana Kramer, Melissa Lowe, Deborah Wasson, & Kimberly Kochel performing as the "Cool Awesome Chicks" or otherwise known as THE CACS!  Their near perfect synchronization should earn an Olympic medal...or maybe $100 in a week?


Thank you (our audience) for taking time from your workday to show up and cheer on our performers live.  Only one will advance to the finale in August. 

Please support your favorite LSB performance by donating (voting) generously to their team and don't miss the reveal of the winner on next week's LIP SYNC BATTLE!
Week 3 Results are in, and the winner of the $100 weekly prize is TEAM ROCKS!, who edged out SUPERSTAUSS' electric performance of I Gotta Feeling.  Who knew the talent within the walls of MERCER Urbandale!

W E E K   T H R E E:

Our latest week of Lip Sync Battle saw a near doubling of donations with a slightly smaller crowd (Jon...try to remember to send out the building email beforehand, okay?)  Thanks for stopping down to see this latest battle.

After our meet and greet and selfies with the stars, the performers took to the stage.

First up was Phone Johnson & Friends (along with a fanclub with signs).  Phone performed as TEAM ROCKS!, which truly foreshadowed the performance.  Their video performance of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" is below and definitely takes you back a month to July 4th!

Closing out this week's show was Fannette Elliott & Robyn Swartz performing as SUPERSTAUSS to Black-Eyed Peas' megahit "I Gotta Feeling".  Check out their performance below - just watch out for flying cowgirl hats!


W E E K   T W O:

Our second week of Lip Sync Battle saw an even greater crowd than our premiere, signalling we have a hit on our hands!  Thanks for stopping down to see this epic battle.

After our meet and greet with the stars, the lights dimmed (not really) and the performers lit up the stage.

First up was LaCimbrea Ross & Anne Dirkx performing as ME, MYSELF & I.  Their live performance video of Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" is below and is definitely worth a look...or three!
Closing out this week's show was Freddie Mercury...uh, I mean, EDDIE JUPITER performing Queen's hit "Don't Stop Me Now".  Erin Wickering represented the Mercer Marketplace population admirably as can be seen in her gender-bending performance below!
Week 2 Results are in, and the winner of the $100 weekly prize is ME, MYSELF & I, who narrowly defeated EDDIE JUPITER's awesome take on Don't Stop Me Now.  This was the week of the first $100 bill contributed live.  Collectively, these teams nearly doubled the donations from Week 1! look cross-eyed! look cross-eyed!

W E E K   O N E:

The "premiere" of Lip Sync Battle debuted live in the dining room on Wednesday, July 13th after being rained out from the scheduled outdoor performance.  MMC employees attended in force to get a first look at our "stars".

After a short meet and greet session with the performers for pics and autographs, the stars hit the stage in our epic first battle.

First on stage was Landon Sheehan performing as HELP THE HOMELESS.  Below is Landon performing "The Money Song" from the broadway musical "Avenue Q":
Closing out our battle today was the duo of Daniel Asencio and Felisa Murray performing as THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS.  Below is the duo performing "Supply & Demand" by The Hives.
Week 1 Results are in, and the winner of the first $100 weekly prize is THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS, who narrowly defeated HELP THE HOMELESS.  Both performances were well received and the video views online were within 20 of each other.